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Regulations and rules for the storage of lithium ion batteries

Battery Storage

Storage regulations

Currently, there are no public regulations for the storage of lithium batteries. However, this should never be understood as a "license to do nothing".

The classification of lithium batteries according to their performance has a significant impact on their storage: low, medium, and high performance (see general and specific safety rules). Insurance companies provide written recommendations (leaflet VdS 3103) that are considered equivalent and equally binding.

Safety rules

Low power lithium batteries (≤ 100 Wh)

For batteries in this category, general safety rules apply. There are no specific safety regulations. For larger contiguous storage quantities (volumes over 7 m³ or more than six Euro pallets), the instructions for medium power lithium batteries apply.

Medium power lithium batteries (> 100 Wh and ≤ 12 kg)

Areas with medium power batteries must be spatially separated (at least 5 m) or structurally fire-resistant. Mixed storage with other products that can accelerate a fire should be avoided. The storage area must be monitored by a suitable fire alarm system connected to a constantly manned location. If fire extinguishing systems are present, the information regarding suitable extinguishing agents in the respective technical product data sheets must be taken into account. For larger storage quantities (occupied area > 60 m² and/or storage heights > 3 m), the instructions for high power lithium batteries apply.

High power lithium batteries (> 100 Wh and > 12 kg)

As of now, there is no definitive knowledge regarding adequate protective measures for high power batteries. Protective measures should therefore be determined on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the insurance company. Possible measures include:

  • Separation and quantity limitation
  • Storage in fire-resistant separated areas or with compliance to a safety distance (spatial separation of 5 m)