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IATA World Safety & Operations Conference

Empowering Safety at IATA WSOC Conference 2023



In the dynamic landscape of aviation safety, XBAG proudly took center stage at the IATA WSOC Conference in Hanoi 2023. With a mission to revolutionize safety measures against battery fires, our presence at this prestigious event showcased our commitment to innovation and excellence in the aviation industry.

The IATA WSOC Conference provided us with an unparalleled platform to showcase our commitment to innovation to the aviation safety network. Our experts engaged with industry leaders, sharing insights on the latest advancements in battery fire prevention technology. The conference became a melting pot of ideas, paving the way for collaborative efforts in enhancing aviation safety.

Our participation wasn't just about products; it was about forging connections. Engaging in meaningful discussions with industry experts, airlines, and regulatory bodies, we explored avenues for collaboration to further enhance safety standards and protocols in the aviation sector.

Connect with us to stay updated on our journey and discover how we are redefining safety in aviation, one innovation at a time.