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Flight Deck Safety: LIONLABS® CBAG Use Case


Flight Deck

Enhancing Flight Deck Safety with Quick-Release LIONLABS® CBAG Battery Fire Containment Kit

Scenario: Imagine a scenario where a battery malfunction occurs on the flight deck in one of the PED devices, leading to a potential lithium-ion battery fire. In this critical moment, quick and efficient access to a cooling down extinguisher becomes paramount to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers.

Solution: Enter our LIONLABS® CBAG Kit with Quick-Release Option – a revolutionary safety feature designed specifically for flight deck environments.

  1. Detection: As soon as a battery anomaly is detected, the Flight Crew can spring into action by using the LIONLABS® CBAG as a complete solution.

  2. Quick-Release Activation: In emergency situations, time is of the essence. The LIONLABS® CBAG is equipped with a Quick-Release strap to gain rapid access to the cooling down LIONLABS® EXTINGUISHER, stored in the fire proof bag. The extinguisher, specifically designed for lithium-ion battery fires, initiates a quick and effective cooling process, suppressing the fire and mitigating further risks.

  3. Containing: Containment acts as a barrier, halting the potential spread of fire and effectively managing hazardous smoke, ensuring a safer environment. Once the battery is extinguished/cooled down it can be safely moved into the fireproof bag using the safety gloves that also come with the kit. 

  4. Enhanced Safety Protocols: The Battery Fire Containment Kit seamlessly integrates with the flight deck's safety protocols, ensuring that in the event of a battery fire, the crew can swiftly and confidently deploy the necessary measures without compromise.


  • Rapid Response: Immediate access to the cooling down extinguisher ensures a swift response to potential battery fires, minimizing the risk of escalation.

  • Minimal Disruption: The Quick-Release Option is designed for intuitive and efficient activation, reducing the time required for crew members to reach essential safety equipment.

  • Tailored for Flight Decks: The entire system is engineered to meet the specific challenges and space constraints of flight deck environments, prioritizing safety without compromising functionality. The extinguishing agent is viscous enough not to interfere with the Flight Deck systems.

This use case exemplifies how our LIONLABS® CBAG Kit with Quick-Release Option is not just a safety measure but a strategic solution tailored to enhance safety protocols on flight decks, where every second counts.



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